Frequently Asked Questions

I want to shop first and get the best selection of everything!  How can I do that?
In order to shop first (with the owner and her family), you must consign and volunteer with the Pass It On Cape Fear Consignment Event. If you become a consignor AND a volunteer, you would be eligible to shop the Pre-Sale!

How much money will I make when Consigning?
• Consignor gets 70% of the selling price of each item.
• There is a $10.00 Consignor fee taken out of your check. The fee goes toward the location rental, advertising, insurance, etc.

How can I earn more than 70% of my total sales as a consignor?
Volunteer!  If you volunteer for one 3 hour shift, you will earn 75% of your total sales.  We are a growing, local business and WE NEED YOU!

Isn’t it a lot of work to prepare items for consignment?
Cleaning and tagging does take time, that’s why we encourage consignors to start early. Do a little every day. The better the presentation of the item, the better it will sell. Your items will sell if they look great and are priced right.  Please review our How To Guide for Consignors and our Pricing Guide.

When do I drop off my items for consignment?
Consignors drop off their items to sell during the “drop-off” times. Refer to the Important Dates and Times for actual drop off times for the upcoming event. Please allow enough time in your schedule at drop off to have your items checked in, placed on the sales floor and complete required release forms.

I would like to sell a crib or car seat.  Do I need to do anything special?
Yes, cribs and car seats need to be reviewed by you (the consignor), prior to dropping off to the consignment event.  Cribs and car seats need to be manufactured after a certain date, not be on the CPSC recall list and be in good working order.  Please review the Crib and Car Seat forms to ensure they are safe to sell and bring the completed form(s) with you during drop off.

What do I need to bring with me when I drop off my items?
Please be sure to print the Consignor Confirmation Form and bring it with you along with a blank consignor tag and a self addressed stamped envelope (so we can send your consignor profits directly to you!).  If you are selling a crib or car seat, please review the Crib and Car Seat forms to ensure they are safe to sell and bring the completed form(s) with you during drop off.

What happens to my items that don’t sell?
After the event, you have two options.  You can donate your unsold items or you can pick up your unsold items during the specified pick-up times. Any left-over items becomes property of Pass It On Cape Fear. Remaining items are donated to local charities that help families and children. Please refer to the Important Dates and Times on the webpage for the exact times of consignor pick-up for the upcoming sale.

Where can I get hangers?
First, try local dry cleaners. They usually give them away for free!  Many stores just throw their hangers away and will gladly give hangers to you.  Craigslist or Facebook Yardsale Groups are also a great place to check for free hangers.

Will I get my hangers back?
Hangers from your sold items will not be returned to you, but keep in mind that you will be given the hangers from the items you purchase at the sale, as well as hangers from your unsold items if you choose not to donate them. We suggest recycling those hangers you get when you buy new kids clothing to save money and help the environment!

Do I need to have the clothes up on hangers when dropping them off or do I need to provide hangers for you to put them on?
Clothing must be on hangers or bagged prior to drop off.   All items must come to drop off ready to be sold and tagged through our Online Tagging System.

Where do I buy cardstock paper?
You can purchase cardstock paper from any store that carries office supplies such as Office Depot, Office Max, Staples, Wal-mart, Amazon, etc. It must be 60 lb. paper or more.

Can I hand write tags?
No, handwritten tags will not be accepted. We use a computerized tagging system which saves sellers tons of time and money!

When will my check be mailed?
All consignor checks are mailed 1-2 weeks from our last sale day.

Is there a fee to shop the public sale?
Entrance to the sale is free! Parking is free as well!

How can I volunteer to assist with Pass It On Cape Fear?
Click here for information on volunteer dates and times. If these dates and times don’t work for you, please contact us at info@PassItOnCapeFear.com or at (910) 338-9488 for additional volunteer opportunities.

How often do you have Pass It On Cape Fear Consignment Events?
Two times a year. Spring and Fall.

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