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How does the sale work?
It’s easy…just gather all your kids’ items, tag items using our secure website and earn 70% of the sales price! Consignors do not have to be present to sell. After the sale, you can choose to allow Pass It On Cape Fear to donate your unsold items to the New Hanover County Foster Care or the items can be picked up at the designated pick up time, keep them tagged and bring them to our next sale!

Expect to receive a check for your sold items within 1-2 weeks of the closing of the sale.

View our How To Guide for Consignors. This guide has tips on how the process works, getting your supplies ready, how to hang items, tagging and other helpful hints.

Quality Control
• Pass It On Cape Fear reserves the right to reject any items that are in poor condition, are under recall, or do not function properly. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items.
• We screen items  to maintain the quality of the sale. Many of our consignors will also be eager shoppers and we want you to have confidence that you are buying the best. We are known for having the best quality merchandise.
• Items will NOT be accepted if they are listed on the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) website:

Interested in selling a crib or car seat?  Please review the Crib and Car Seat forms which includes a crib waiver checklist and a car seat checklist, to see if your either of those items are eligible to be consigned, based on safety recalls.

Tagging is easy. Do a little at a time. Get together with a friend and work together!

Pricing your items…it’s your call. YOU set your price and YOU decide if your items are discounted on half price day. We suggest pricing your items 30-40% of the retail price; however, outdoor play equipment, double strollers, and other larger items can sell for up to 60% of what you paid! Prices will vary depending on the condition and demand for items. Check out our Pricing Guide for consignors. Pass It On Cape Fear uses a safe, web based program to tag your inventory. Handwritten tags will not be accepted.

It is our desire to keep this process quick and easy for everyone!  If at any time you have problems using the system, please feel free to contact us at

Don’t have all your items together yet? No problem! Register today and tag as you go! Our system allows you to tag items, make changes and manage your items at your convenience!

• When dropping off your items at the event, please be sure to print the Consignor Confirmation Form and bring it with you with a self addressed stamped envelope (so we can send your consignor profits directly to you!)
• Please print your tags on white cardstock for items that you would like to donate and on pastel color cardstock for items that you would like to pick up after the sale ends.
• Please review the Pricing Guide and the How To Guide for Consignors.

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