The next Pass It On Cape Fear Consignment Event will be:

  • Friday, March 31 from 11:00 am – 8:00 pm

  • Saturday, April 1 from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

  • Sunday, April 2 from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm (50% off select items ALL day!)

Pass It On Cape Fear was started by moms who are passionate about kids, passionate about the environment, passionate about the Wilmington community and passionate about saving money! All of this makes a lot of passion and the Pass It On Cape Fear Consignment Event was born!

Consigning or shopping with Pass It On Cape Fear is about more than just getting a good bargain and making money. When you consign or shop with us, you are recycling, keeping clothes and items out of the landfill and reducing pollution that comes from producing new maternity and kids items!  Passing on these clothes and items you no longer use gets rid of clutter and frees up space, making you feel more relaxed and making room for things that make you happy.  Pass It On Cape Fear also helps you give back to your community by donating items to a local Wilmington area charity, making sure that items get directly to families in need.

Why should I sell and shop with Pass It On Cape Fear?
We are not a store and do not carry a store inventory. Everything sold is consigned by families wanting to recycle their maternity and children’s outgrown items. This is a fantastic opportunity for you to get great items at a great savings. The best items sell quickly so shop early!

We have INCREDIBLE BARGAINS on gently used items for infants, parents-to-be, children and teens. We are able to offer thousands of fantastic items at a fraction of the retail cost! You could save up to 90% off original prices!

What can I find at a Pass It On Cape Fear Consignment Event?
• Children’s clothing and shoes from preemie to junior sizes.
• Maternity clothes and accessories, breast pumps, nursing items, etc.
• Children’s furniture: high chairs, dressers, changing tables, toddler beds, gliders, etc.
• Baby equipment: exercisers, strollers, play pens, play mats, slings, carriers, bathtubs, bouncy seats, mobiles, and much more.
• Toys, bikes, trikes, movies, games, books, music, blocks, dolls, etc.
• Bedding, blankets and linens for infants and children.
• Outdoor play equipment.
• Special outfits and clothing including Halloween costumes, holiday, ballet, gymnastics, karate and school uniforms.

How does the sale work?
It’s easy…just gather all your kids’ items, register as a consignor, tag items using our secure website and earn 70% of the sales price! Consignors do not have to be present to sell. After the sale, you can choose to allow Pass It On Cape Fear to donate your unsold items to a local Wilmington area charity or the items can be picked up at the designated pick up time, keep them tagged and bring them to our next sale!

Expect to receive a check for your sold items within 1-2 weeks of the closing of the sale.

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