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*As a Consignor you earn 70% of your sales minus a $12 fee that will be deducted from your profits. Volunteer to earn more!*

1. Register

You’ll receive a consignor number when you register through our website. Use this to log into your homepage and work with your inventory.

2. Gather Your Supplies & Prep Your Items

  • Depending on what you’re selling you’ll need:


Packing tape

Painters Tape

Zip Ties (various sizes)

Ziploc bags (various sizes)

Card stock (white for donate and colored for pick up)

Tagging Gun

Safety Pins

  • Clothing sells the quickest when hung. Wire hangers work best. Clothing falls off too easily when put on children's hangers. Check YouTube for quick tutorials on how to hang pants and outfits the best way to display them.

  • Do NOT put shoes in bags. Use zip ties, string/ribbon to connect shoes. You can buy a large variety pack of sizes for under $10. Be sure to give shoes a quick wipe down. Magic Erasers do wonders for rubber soles. 

  • Toys with small pieces should be put into ziploc bags and attached to the larger piece. You can do this for games and puzzles as well. 

  • Preschool puzzles that the pieces fit into the holes can be fully wrapped in plastic wrap and taped to display the pieces in place. 

3. Input Your Items

  • It is best to sort clothing by size as you hang them so that when you input the items you can enter all the same sizes at once. If you have multiples of items they can be entered at one time using the multiples function. Make sure to select donate/ discount options if you plan to donate or discount your items. 

3. Print Your Tags on Card Stock

  • Use white paper for items you’d like to donate. Use colored paper (avoid dark colors and red) for items you plan to pick up. **anything on a WHITE tag will be automatically pulled for donation**

4. Attach Tags to Items

  • Purchasing a tagging gun from Amazon is an affordable way to save time and your fingers from pinning tags.

  • Painters tape is best to attach tags to books and wooden items or anything that packing tape could pull the paint off of.

  • Small miscellaneous items should be placed in bags, this helps keep them clean and easy to find. No need to attach tags with tape, just slip them inside the bag. Save yourself time and money!

  • Multiple books need to be in a box with the spines facing up. Diaper boxes work great for this.

  • Sort like items as they are tagged and ready to go to make drop off as smooth and quick as possible. 

5. Drop Off Items

  • Schedule a drop off appointment through your consignor account on the tagging website and print your Consignor Drop Off Form.

  • Bring your items and Consignor Drop Off Form to your scheduled drop off appointment. 

  • Clothing should be sorted by size and gender. Holiday wear, swimwear and coats have their own section.

6. Shop the Pre Sale

  • Consignors always shop first before the public. Don't forget to invite a guest to shop with you!

7. Pick Up Your Items

  • Any unsold items you pick up are ready to go for our next event. No need to retag! Just stick that tote in the garage and add more inventory until the next event to make more cash. **If you do not pick up your unsold items on colored tags during the pick up time there will be a $25 fee deducted from your profits.** 

  • If you donate all of your items, you have nothing else to do, but rest easy knowing you've emptied some closets, made some cash and passed on your unsold items to people in our community who can use them!

8. Cash Your Check

  • Checks are mailed within 3 weeks of the end of the event.  

Items We Do NOT Accept

  • Crib Mattresses

  • Recalled Items

  • Expired Car Seats or ones that are older than 5 years.

  • No Camp T-Shirts or Business T-shirts

  • Clothing that has stains, tears, rips, missing buttons or broken zippers.

  • No Food or Formula. 

  • No excessive amounts of any one “New In Package” single item. Example: Several of the same exact brand new toy or game. Limit of 3 will be accepted.    

List of Accepted Items

This is not a complete list, but should give you a general idea of what you can sell and buy at the event. If you aren't sure, just ask! We are always happy to answer your questions. 

Baby Gear

Swings, Bouncy Seats, Bassinets, Playmats, Pack N’ Play’s, Etc. The only baby gear we don’t take is any item that is recalled or heavily stained. Please check all baby gear for recalls with the CPSC's website ( and and also


Car Seats

Can not be older than 5 years. (Check the date on the bottom or side).  It must not be subject to recall or have been in an accident.  All seat covers and straps must be thoroughly cleaned.


Bathing & Safety Items

Kids Towels, Washcloths, Bath Toys, Bath Seats, Bath Tubs, Cabinet Locks, Childproofing Items, Infant Grooming Kits Etc.



Kids Dishware, Bottles, Sippy Cups, Lunchboxes, Water Bottles, Dish Gift Sets, Etc.

Breast Pumps, Accessories & Parts 

Pumps, Pump Parts, Bottles, Nursing Covers, Nursing Tanks and Bras. Etc. 


Children's books, teen books, parenting books, DVD, Blu-ray family/kid friendly movies, music CDs, and videos all related to children.


Boys & Girls Clothing

Preemie thru Junior Sizes. Sleepwear, Holiday, Coats/Jackets, Swimwear, Costumes, etc. all accepted. Check for any holes, rips, tears, missing buttons.  Zippers must work.



Hairbows, Hats, Sunglasses, Scarves and Gloves, Etc.

Maternity & Pregnancy Items

All Sizes and Seasons of Clothing. Support Bands, Etc.


Must be in great condition and include laces, (if applicable).

Underwear & Socks

Must be NEW. (Does not have to be in original packaging, but must be bagged in Ziploc Bags.) 

Baby & Kids Furniture

Toddler Beds, Changing Tables, Gliders, Rockers, Toy Chests, Bookshelves, Small Table & Chair Sets, Etc. Cribs that were manufactured after June 2011 and have not been recalled.    

Linen Items

Crib sheets, Bedding Sets, Sheet Sets, Comforters and Blankets, Etc. 

Nursery/Kids Room Decor

Tabletop Decor, Wall Decor, Artwork, Lamps, Etc. 

Outdoor Toys

Slides, Sports Equipment, Sandboxes, Wagons, Bicycles, Playhouses, Tricycles, Ride-Ons, Scooters, Power Wheels (must include battery and charger), Etc.

Sporting Equipment

Balls, Helmets, Gloves, Leotards, Cleats, Dance Shoes, Etc. 

Toys, Games & Puzzles, Arts & Crafts

Infant to Big Kid. Toys must be cleaned thoroughly and in working condition. If it requires batteries, must have working batteries inside to test. 

Everything You Need to Know to Consign at the KIDS Event:

Located at:

The Elks Lodge

5102 Oleander Dr.

Wilmington, NC

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Next Events:

Summer Kids Sale:

July 23rd to 27th


Womens & More Sale:

Spring 2025

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